• Want to Join in our Non-Profit Partner Program?

Community Broadband Network provides free internet services and can provide phone systems and no cost  fundraising programs at 5013c organizations.

The difference is that we partner with non-profits to help them reduce their telecommunications infrastructure costs while simultaneously giving them a long term, projectable long term revenue stream from their volunteer base and affinity business partners.

The reason we can do this is we don’t do commercial advertising; we take those savings and provide them to your organization through our 5013c nonprofit partnership.

For the Consumer

Usually organizations receive $7.50 per month per sign up for a consumer.  If only 100 of your supporters switch to CBN this means a minimum recurring $9000 a year to your organization. And program builds over time at 200 users– $18,000, 300 users- $27,000 and so on.

For Business

If only 50 of your business supporters switch to CBN and the use a basic 50 Mbps service this means a minimum recurring $9000 a year to your organization. And the program builds over time.  At 100 users- receive $18,000, at 150 users receive $27,000. If they choose the 100 Mbps business class service your organization can receive up to $36,000 per year or more for every 100 business class users!

The amount your organization makes with this program can be almost unlimited.

Key Points
  • We provide the same level of service or better as ATT, Comcast, Brighthouse, etc. with up to 100 MBps speeds, TV and phone services.
  • As a partner we work with you to offer our services to your supporters.
  • Your supporters pay the same or less for internet services. CBN service fees are the same or less than the costs of other internet providers but with no contracts and no hidden fees.
  • For each supporter that uses our services a portion of their fee is provided as a donation to your Non-Profit.

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss the CBN Fundraising Program in detail.

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