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Our goal at Community Broadband Network is to partner with your community to create a legacy of new technology to transform it for smart growth while providing affordable broadband services to business and consumers.

Your community has unique needs that according to the FCC over 50 million homes have only one Internet provider or none at all. This means 40% of the country is in dire need of a second provider. With another couple mergers we will be down to just one provider in United States and with the demise of net neutrality it is critical that consumers have options for high speed broadband access.

High speed internet is the foundation of the 21st century economic growth and quality of life. As digital technology continues to evolve, broadband speed requirements continue to increase. States, rural communities and local economies require high-speed broadband networks to compete in a 21st Century global digital economy.  In fact, a growing number of case studies demonstrate that communities deploying next-generation broadband fiber networks are stimulating economic growth and driving significant opportunities in workforce development, education, healthcare, public safety, and government services.

We’re proud to be part of your community bringing you the 21st century infrastructure to connect and grow while giving back to the community.  We do this by giving a part of each user fee to your local nonprofits, keeping our fees at or below the competition and provide free services to schools and cities.  In addition, we provide financial support to participating local non-profits through our 5013c fund raising program. When you choose Community Broadband Network you are building your community.

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